186 ipc

Matter started from; A 'Ravinder' SHO unlocked/sealed a disputed shop without order or permission on 31/12/2007. after one year SDM made a judgement/decree/order in this matter. A political person (from 2nd Party) pick this judgement/decree/order from SDM office and give it to SHO (now Baldev Thakur). There had no hearing of disputed parties in front of SDM. Order was without dairy no. or official formalities. Cannot discuss about whole matter stated in the order but let we assumed that there was direction to SHO for unlock the shop and gave possession to second party. With political pressure they told to SHO that SDM directed to you "give us possession of that Shop. The SHO, a lady constable and some constables, armed with the order, proceeded to the Sarita's residence or shop to execute it. Sarita is actual owner of property and reside in second side of this property. SHO try to gave possession to second party but Sarita stop to the SHO and said him that this is my property and no one can entered in this property and stop to the SHO by unlocking the shop. but SHO could not stop and forcefully arrested to Sarita under Section 186 of the Indian Penal Code. Arrested Sarita produce in the chamber of the SDM and got bailed near about 7.00 PM within 24 hours but in RTI they are saying 04:00PM. Case/trial is finished in the court of Judicial Magistrate 1st class and she is acquitted. 2010 to 2015. I don't know about law process and want to know what i missed and now what can I do in future. should i appeal anywhere now ..and is there any limitation....how can i punish that SHO. please suggest me ........and forgive me for my English mistakes ..i know i am week in English Thank you