DIVORCE within 6 months of marriage

Hello, I really need help. I am the bride seeking divorce within 6 months of my marriage date (May 4th 2015) OR even right after 6 months. BUT NOT after a year. We did not get married ceremoniously but documents were made proving that it happened in a temple. So maybe it is registered under Hindu Marriage Act. After that he left for UK and we haven't consummated the wedding (I can't let him touch me at any cost.) Marriage was registered in HP. The guy is a citizen of Ireland. I have never liked the guy, just because of family pressure and society pressure I agreed without thinking, that too in a day, wasn't given much time to decide. After 2 months itself the registration happened, and within these 2 months I had told the guy to postpone it as i was not happy in it. I told him that I wouldn't let him touch me and might call off the wedding after 2 years or less, he was fine with all of it. But in that case I would have been settled there and working. So it was okay with me to end after 2 years. But now everyone knows and I can't lie, I was unhappy, crying each day... I want to end it ASAP. Start afresh and look for someone whom I can feel for. What do I do? I feel trapped. I am 29