36 Years old family property dispute in Muslim Sharia law

I'm from Muslim family and I'm living with my mother. My mother has 2 sisters and they are well settled at their husband's home but my mother's condition was not good so she settled at my grand mother's home( after my grand father's death) and was looking after and caring to my grand mother. My grand mother before die sold all the property (except home) and divide the money among them since my mother look after him untill my grand mother's death then she had written a will document(Wasiyat) to give her home to my mother only , which is now registered with my mother's name and after my grand Mother's death my auntie and their family members did not object but now after 36 years of grand mother death my one auntie and other auntie's(dead) family members are claiming on that property in which we are residing for more than 36years . So guide me , Are their calim valid ? ,Should we divide our house to give them? or give any other solutions to get ride of this problem so that property will remain with us. Does this matter falls under latest judgment of Supreme courts Adverse possession in which a person living more than 12 years can claim to be title holder?