How get protection order in DV

Hello, i have filed conjugal rights in jan 2012 its now into evidence as its been a ex party order. but now i am not interested in continuing my life with him. he is intensionally troubling me by coming in front of my home which is his friend bakery with his gang n speak indirectly bad n go.. which i cant record its v difficult. but i have a cctv records of his coming now. now he changed his office near n so that when ever his friends inform him i am out he come to make me disturb. he even speaks vulgar. the person was eagerly v greedy on money as i am the only daughter staying in parents own house.. now i have a filed a dv case 1 st notice through protection officer is been refused by his mother and he been informed in phone by protection officer. before he was abused me in on road in another area i did a police complaint for which he gave a written statement that he ll not come to me next near home also n i will b presented to the court. but he continued the same in 20 days. today was the date but the judge were absent even my husband r his lawyer were not present. what ll b next and how do i get relief from his coming near my home. its a big mental harassment for me.. just just 4 feet from house? please help