Property issues

Dear Sir, From Internet i have understood that you are a good lawyer and well experienced . so i want to take your advice further moving to CIVIL COURT. sir please help me by giving your valuable suggestion and save us . My Case details : 1.Vanappa has a patta land with survey no 163,203-1 of 13.5 acree (not sure wether that land was purchased are assigned land) 2.Vanappa has died long back ago. 3.after death of vanappa the whole property is inherted to Bandappa of his only son. 4.Bandappa has 2 sons Namely ,B.G.Veeranna,G.B.Nagaraju and 5 daughters namely ,Boramma,Eramma,Chikamma,Rathnamma and Yesodamma. 5.Boramma married in the year 1968,Eramma Married in the year 1972,Chikamma married in the year 1975,Rathnamma married in the year 1987 and yesodamma married in the year 1991. the year 1992 oral partation was done by Bandappa and given half share 6.5 acree to B.G.Veeranna and half share 6.5 acree to Nagaraju.(here not given any share to daughters ) the year 1995 Bandappa was expired. 2004 MRO was issued a TITLE Deed,(ROR) and passbooks for 6.5 acree with survey no 163-1,203-1A for veeranna and 6.5 acree with survey no 163-2,203-1B for Nagaraju (mutual proceeding is done in MRO office so from my i understand as per the APLAND Right once we get the TITLE DEED it was registered under the registration act 1908 ). 2005 one bore well and plantation of coconut tress development was done B.G.Veeranna i.e my father in 1 acree. 2012 my father i.e B.G.Veeranna was expired and he has 4 sons namely siddeswara,Monohar,chandra shekar and Krishna murthy all are Majors. 20014 one bore well was digged and coconut trees is developed by Nagaraju i.e my father brother. 2014 one more borewell is digged jointly by B.G.veerana sons Namely siddeswara ,monohar ,Chandra shekar and krishnamurthy. 2015 last daughter has came for her share. so please suggest in which act she will get share if she goes for share, can we have to give the share in borewells and plantations tress to her whcih was developed by B.G.verranna and his sons Siddeswara,Monohar,chandrashekar and krishnamurthy.Bandappa was given only dry land to her sons but 2 sons made wetland and digged borewells and developed with plantations. so my concern is if she go for civil court how many years will it take to decide her share,is it not possible for me to drag the case till for 40years is it possible for her to bring the stay on cultivation of land. already i have received a notice from lawyer what will happen if doesn't reply for it is it compulsory. looking forward for your favorable reply. with regards.