Intercaste Marriage

Dear Sirs, I belong to Hindu Scheduled caste by birth. My parents belong to Hindu Scheduled caste by birth(my parents still belong to Hindu SC) However, I married a Christian BC man. For marriage purposes, I had to take baptism and undergo a church marriage. But, I did not practise Christianity from day 1 of my marriage. I am still a practising Hindu. I did not change my name. I still bore a Hindu name. I have the same Hindu name in my Christian marriage certificate. I did not change my name in any documents, I did not change my surname in any documents. I did not change my community certificate. But I am yet to re register my marriage under Special marriage act, 1954. My question is, I am state governamnet Employee job get by Sc category is this affect my job?? since I did not change any documents or my name and being a practising Hindu, is it true that I don't even have to re register my marriage? I am worried only about envious people who might dig out the fact that I got married in a church and hold that fact against me in the future. Please explain. Thanks very much Sincerely Sakthi