Fraud involved in Buy back scheme

Almost three years back I was approached by a friend telling me of a real estate buy back scheme where I was only supposed to provide my documents to get a loan disbursed against a property and I would get certain % of the amount disbursed. The builder was supposed to close the loan after 18 months. I found it kind of fishy and di not go for it since my friend also was trying it for the first time. Almost an year later the same friend approached me and told me that there is nothing wrong in the scheme and he had already taken a loan on it. I was told that RBI allows three home loans at a time and he can help me get three loans approved and commission as well against all the properties. I was assured it was all legal and needless to say I was a big time fool to believe him. He was like a youger brother to me and so close that for last 3 years I he was driving my car. The spare one I had. He made me meet a broker who also ensured it was all legal and committed closure of all the three properties upon completion on 18 months. I went for it but it was not as easy as I thought it was going to be. After the loans were disbursed the broker started giving me a run around for the commisions. He paid me the commision in installments and it was of no use for me. For the 18 months the builder was supposed to pay the EMI and they started to bounce. I was told that an MOU would be signed with all the builders and that too never got signed. After a few months for two of the properties the EMI started going smoothly however for one the issue was always there. As of today for that property 6 EMIs are due. I started chasing the broker to get the third loan closed at the earliest and in the mon th of feburary when I was out of Delhi he called me to Delhi saying two of the properties are going to be closed. When I reached Delhi he stopped picking up my phone. I kept calling him for a week without any response. A week later, one morning he called me started threatening me for no reason. After that I approached the builders and one builder that was supposed to close the loan told me that it was not going to be closed before until 18 months. The one who was not paying the EMI started giving me a run around and that's still ongoing with six EMI's pending. The third one to my surprise told me that the scheme was for 2 years and not 18 months. Now I am stuck with three properties in my name, three loans on me. Can someone please suggest me as to how to tackle this situation?