Online Data Entry Fraud company TypingTask

On 15th May I got to see an ad on OLX about data entry job. So by seeing the advertisement I contacted on this number [deleted] on WhatsApp and after few hours they called me and said that I have to do the data entry job where I will get paid Rs 24,500 (Rs 35 × 700 pages) if I complete the job within 7 days. I asked whether there's any registration fee or not. She said no there is no registration fee at all. Then after few minutes I received an User Id and Password on my WhatsApp from the same given number and she said that my registration in done and now I have to login and start my work. After I completed almost 114 pages (which was very difficult cause it was really very much difficult to understand the letters and type it back, it took more than 9 hours to complete 114 pages out of 700 pages) I just saw my email and there was a spam message from [deleted] where there was pdf of legal contract and a writing that I must take the print out of the pdf file and sign it and send it back to their email. But I haven't signed it and sent it back to them cause I have already started the work and then I found in YouTube and Google that it's a fraud and the same has been done with many people. So, I called them and asked to close my ID then they said that they can't close my ID and I will have to complete the work within 7 days or I will have to pay Rs 4000 as the portal charges. I denied to do the work and stopped it. After 7 days again I received an email in my spam folder where it was written that I have to pay Rs 6000 as I haven't completed there work and they gave me there legal advisor number which is [deleted] and said to pay the amount otherwise they will do legal proceedings in Surat Court. Then I received a call from their Legal Adviser number as given and he asked me pay the amount otherwise they will file a complaint against me in Surat Court. I tried to confirm about the company whether it's a fraud or not, I called on various numbers in the Bhestan,Surat,Gujarat and asked about the company. Every person said that there is no such company named TypingTask and there is no 707, Infinity Complex in Bhestan, Surat, Gujarat - 395023. Then I called them and asked about there company and they said it is there since two years and again I called the legal advisor who said their company is in proceedings since last 4 years. After that, I visited the website of Ministry of Corporation Affairs' website and find out that there's no company named after the TypingTask registered over there. I tried to verify there email through different websites but in every sites it was written that the email is not valid. Then I opened the pdf file of that legal contract and found that the advocate name Chetan D Dhimar whose name was written over there has so many fraud cases (found in Google and various sites) and also the legal advisor was a completely different person whose name is Chirag Jain. I also received a text from "BW-LAWFRM"