One moneth advance rent not refunding after cancellation deal

We had finalsed a deal in the month of march 2020 the dealer asked to pay one month 27500/- advance to his account which he will pay to landlord in cash . We paid him the moneys in dealers account. We were due to shift on 28thmarch but due to lock down we were not able to. In third stage of lockdown the rules relaxed a bit and people were allowed to shift we Called our dealer to update us about the flat as it was still in possession of previous tenants. Our shifting was dependent on thier vacating the house. Wheneever we call the dealer he didnt answr our call or rudely told us to get in touch directly with owner . We were in touch with owner he told us existing tenant would be vacating in may 10th we prepared accordingly for shifting . But in 10th he again increased the duration to 10 more days . We at that stage told the owner that we need to finally shift till 25th or we will have to cancel the deal he asked us to wait till 20th . We again confirmed us on 20th that his tenant would leave on 31st so we had him to cancel the deal with him . He agreed. Now we appraised the matter to dealer and asked to refund our money but he said he has adjusted the money in commision and the same is not refundable. He is blatantly refusing and saying we r harassing him He himself adjusted the whole one month rent to commison when we had finalised his commison as 24k which was due after handing over of the flat. So far no rent agremment has been made or the deal been completed. Kindlt advice if there is a way to get our money back