Grant of Bail

My dad, mom and brother have been suddenly charged with 4 IPCs 323/506/509/34, by my aunt on purely fake grounds, and thus have been summoned to the concerned women's cell under Sec 49(a). There's been straight 2 weeks we received the notice, my family had verbally convinced that officer that the charges were purely fake, and she can investigate the matter however she wants to. The problem is, after this meet the concerned Police officer is not only reluctant to listen to my family, she is also showing zero interest about guiding us in this matter. We have also hired a criminal lawyer, but he is asking us to wait till the lockdown period is over. Upon enquiring about the courts, we got to know that the courts are not taking any cases under Sec 49(a). This case was fake and meant to cause us mental harrasment. All our neighbours are taking a stand by us. But, how and where should I approach to grant my family a bail? How can we even get the clearer picture about the seriousness of this issue?