Can I file a NC against my wife?

It just 4 months for our marriage (29 jan 2020) and my wife wants me to live separate from my parents. My dad is bed ridden patient suffering from colon TB. My mother is also a heart patient. Soon after our marriage my dad got hospitalized and was there for 20 days. Doctor told to take utmost care of him and it will take around 1 year for his full recovery. My wife went to her home and now she is not ready to come back. She is demanding to live with me separately. As i m the only son I have responsibility of my parents. I tried to convince her to come back but she is not listening. I have talked to her sister also but they are also supporting her.its more than 50 days she went to her place. I went three times to bring her back but she refused. All our conversation i have on my whats app chat history. Also the chat history with her sister I have for record purpose. can i file a NC against my wife so that in future she can not abuse me or put me under false allegation of family torture/mental harassment ? In our chat history she has mentioned what all problems she faces here and all the reasons she has given are silly one like 1.) I am spending more time with my parents. 2) she has problem if i used to apply hair dye to mom. 3) if i watch movies with them. 4) if my mom do something specially for me ? such types of problem she has .