Unfair agreement

Hello sir, Yesterday me and my father was called to police station for a complaint(not fir) against me and my family. the complaint came to police through tehsildar and sdm office and it was done by my aunt daughter in law. 1) last year in june 2019 , i abused aunt daughter in law on phone and she had recorded that. 2) complaint against family is also about abusing and property related disputes but she didn't have proof. but she called a fake witness to prove that. 10 years back we were joint family, after that we got separated due to aunt daughter in law, but my uncle and aunty didnt left us. my uncle died in 2011 in road accident but my aunt lives with us , she dont want to live with their son or daughter in law. she is having two sons one lives separate from us and other is adopted by aunt father. my father have 50% share in whole property on the other hand in aunt family after uncle death, property was divided between 4 members. aunty son son grandmother my grandmother donated that property to aunt son who lives here. now the main thing is property is divided on kabja basis not on papers in tehsil. now see the lady who is complaining against us is having only 25% share in whole property.we have 50% and remaining 25% on aunt name and aunt other son who is aunt father. this lady i.e aunt daughter in law dailly haras us by abusing and by insulting from almost last 5 years for getting part in house which belongs to my father my house is having 4 rooms but we have given them 1 room as per their part in whole property. last year we had filed two complaints about her in panchayat about daily harassement done by her and another was her son and daughter in law who kiddnaped my aunt for more than 2 days in their room against her will. so panchayat passed a decission that if in future if she will abuse or repeat the same thing then action will be taken against her. but there was no effect on her again she started abusing and putting false allegations and all to my mother and father, day by day it was also creating tension inside me one day i called her and abused her and on that basis she complained against me and for harassing full family she filed a complaint against all. but yesterday we have done agreement in written at police station on a policemen view that her complaint will impact your image and matter is about abusing a lady. but she is having 3 conditions written in paper signed by her , my father and alongwith witness 1) she wants 2k money per month from her mother in law by our help and problem is now her mother in law dont want to give 2) she wants fixed deposit papers of worth rupees 1.5lakh which belongs to her husband and papers are held with her mother in law. 3) she wants 10-13k rupees for water connection to her kitchen from my father it is not looking like a SAMJHOTA but it is not less than BLACKMAILING. as demands are totaly related to money, and related to her mother in law