Allotment cancellation

I am very much interested to build a house in Durgapur, for that I made applications dated on 31.03.2008 to ADDA authority to allot me a plot in Bidhannagar/ City center area. Finally, I was allotted a land measuring 2.58 cottahs at sector 2A, Bidhannagar as per the letter reference no. ADDA/DGP/T-337/1/TNR-478 dated 28.02.2011 (The decision was taken at the circulation meeting held on 26.02.2011) As advised by ADDA authority, I had deposited the total land premium in ADDA office (Receipt No. 89 & 16 dated 19.04.2011 & 29.04.2011) (document attached). As advised by ADDA authority I had submitted two copies of Indenture of Lease on a stamp paper of Rs.5000/- (Rupees Five Thousand) on 02.05.2011 for execution of lease towards the registration and deed and deed plan has been placed. I have already submitted a few letters to honorable CEO, ADDA to complete the land registration process, but they have not sent a single reply upto 10.08.2014. I was intimated by ADDA On 11.08.2014 that the Board of ADDA decided in the 124th Board meeting held on 05.07.2014 that "Cases where allotment letter were issued and the allottes deposited lease premium (part or full) to ADDA, will be referred to Urban Development for approval. In their letter they have mentioned that the Board was taken a comprehensive decision comprising all the aspects that "Where allotment letter were issued and the allottes deposited the Lease Premium (Part of Full) to ADDA, are strongly recommended for approval" (decision in point no. 124.2.5 of 124th Board meeting held on 05.07.2014.) On 13.06.2015 I have rec'd a letter reference no. ADDA/DGP/T-730/5338 (H) dated 12.06.2015 and I was totally shocked to see that after waiting for long 4years my allotted land has been cancelled by the UD Department. I have not understood the exact reason for the same. I had deposited the full land premiums in time suggested by ADDA authority. I also maintained all the terms & conditions suggested by ADDA authority. The last four years I sent several reminders and maintained keep contact with ADDA office. I have collected some RTI documents to know the "Name and address of the allotees which were placed in the circulation agenda for the proposed meeting held on 26.02.2011 and Lease Deed has been registered". From that document I found that 05 nos. allotees lease deed has been registered by ADDA authority. My question is is there is nay hope to get my land back? Please guide.