Wants To Brake my marriage

GoodAfternoo, i Marriage A Girl from my caste with my family on 19 th feb 2011. but after 6 months she started cheted us lie stolen things from my house and send them to her house.Not respected any one even her sasu maa aur my father or not a even a single member of my family.After 6 months we are seprated from family on that issue only and we start leave seprately.afetr deliverd two babies one is my daughet and younger son my father take us to home that now she can under stand our repo and start behaving truelly but from there she start torchuring us and stoling maoney from house and also stole some gold jewellry also which she thought we not know about that but i know each and every thing about that lady which see can do.we are not interested in talking with each other.beacuse if i need to talk on this matter she starts shouting and people got coolcetd out side which is not durable for me thats why i never said any word to her but she took benefit of my sofness.many small family fight has been taken between us.her parents give us the threat the can punish my hole family to prision if i think her to leaft.i try many times to make her under stand that we are living in a big family and please behave in a proper manner.but she cant realise my world many time when she got angry she uses swearword for me in front of all people. I think U Under stand my trouble ness please make me clear what should i had to do in this condition. For any Suggestion Mail me :- [deleted]