Domestic Abuse

Hello Sir, I am a 27 years old female from Rajasthan. I am a victim of emotional and mental abuse . My parents harass me verbally everyday. I am very depressed and frustrated. Following Indian Penal Codes apply on my situation: Sec 306, sec 354, sec 406 and sec 509. My parents cause me humiliation and discomfort and i feel suicidal. I want to move out of the house but they threaten me that if i leave the house i would have to sign a document in which they will mention that i am not related to them once i move out of the house and i do not have any right to ask them for any money. I am seeing someone and his family lives in chandigharh, so I am looking for better job options there also to know the family better. My parents know about this and they are totally against it.Also I am financially weak for now, they have kept my money with them and not returning it back. I need to get out of the house as i can't deal with this harassment anymore. I want to get an affidavit from court that i am an adult and my parents cannot take any action on me against my wish nor can harm my future husband's family in any way. Please suggest me what exact statement i need to get from court for the affidavit so as to avoid any nuisance.