Entering my house without my permission, and insulting me

My name is Mohammed Khalid, working as a teacher Maldives. I have locker facility in Syndicate Bank, Tanuku, Andhra Pradesh. My wife and myself are the owners. My mother gave her ornaments to keep in my locker, for security concern. And actually those ornaments are supposed to present her daughter-in-law after her death. As i am staying along with my abroad, I gave my locker key to my father. Few days back my sisters took my locker key without my father's knowledge and tried to open my locker when i was out of station. But bank people didn't allow them entering the locker room, as their names are not registered. Taking this matter seriously I informed my parents that I'm going to file a case against my sisters just to threaten them, while i was staying at my father-in-laws village. My parents blamed me that I have stolen my mother's ornaments. To clear this matter, to prove who are real culprits, and to return my mother's ornaments from locker i took some relatives and reached my house. There my made all arrangements to prove me as a guilty, he mosque priests and some other supporters. That priest ferociously put some islamic religion ethics in front of all, and ordered me to obey in front my father, and made me kneel down. Nobody couldn't say a word against the priest. I haven't been allowed to prove my honest. At last I took my mother's ornaments from my locker and returned to my mother in front of my relatives. Actually the house my parents staying belong to me and registered with my name. This way in my house I was made as a culprit. Even though i got all the evidences against my sisters also, didn't get any chance to prove and they spoiled my honor. Now I have been deeply hurt. I can't freely mingle with the people in the society, And feeling life threatening, i can't stay with my parents. They always listen to my sisters and follow their orders. My wife is feeling in secured to enter her father-in-laws. If anything happens to my life, my wife's parents are not bold enough to collect my house from my parents. Please suggest me what action should I take in this condition.