How to take back writ petition of transfer matter

I have filed writ petition for cancellation of my transfer order on the basis of health . I am also requesting government to cancel the same if my transfer cancelled by government then can i take my writ back. my advocate is not in favor of writ to be taken back it should continue since stay is sure. since i am a critical heart patient i cannot bear forthcoming pressure of keep on continue the legal case. i have two daughters to marry i am not interested to be involved in legal processes. i have one son he is albino i also have hearing problem. i have transfered from jabalpur to rewa. so please guide me how i can take my writ back and their should not be notice from court to my employer as well to me. i have to cancel my writ through advocate or i can write simple application to court (who is in charge of writ where from i can get receipt/ acknowledgement ) not to file my transfer case. and all my documents to be returned . pl send advice at my email [deleted]