With out my permission my lawyer compromised a property dispute

Sir, I won the case in the district and state Forums at chennai against the builder who has not handed over the building. as per the agreement between us. As per the Oreder I paid 5% of the balance amount by d.d and received the un finished building and the sale deed. Instead of paying me the builder petitioned at National Forum and got my case dismissed by compromising with my lawyer I have not given permission by word or by writing to my advocate. I have not even know his name phone nos and address After loosing the case I got all information through RTI The real problem is my Chennai Advocate was a high court Judge aged 90 got operated and lost memory, My Delhi counsel used to get cases from him for the last 10 years.. Taking the advantage of the age he took money from the builder and compromsied the case at the N. Forum. I lost more than 5 lacs till now , I applied for SLP at the supreme court on 20th March 2015, They also dismissed saying I have compromised with the builder and dismissed. I want some one to help me and get back the money. I am ready to pay the fees after receiving the amount not exceeding 8 to 10% after winning the case Thanking you, Jphn