Restitution of conjugal rights

I am a NRI, and was married in year 2013. She came to the place where I work in about a month on dependent visa. Within three months of marriage, we started having small arguments (mostly about her negligence and on how she can work here as soon as possible). Even though in she always said that she wanted to start working here as soon as possible and do not wish to become house wife, she always showed lack of interest in making this happen. I gave her full support in every means so that she starts as soon as possible. The situation between us continued to deteriorate. She also showed disinterest in sex from the beginning, and I never forced her. In addition, she kept on lying to me about any question related to her or her career. Out of frustration, I stopped asking about anything related to her career and future plans by the end of last year. In March 2015, she told everything to my friend. I talked to her in a very calm manner but she did not share any of her thoughts or problems. Finally, she told the same things (or even more) to her family, and they first abused my parents and then myself. After this, we had a very heated argument, and she went to my brother's place, who lives in the same city. After about a month, I called her home and she came back. I again tried to discuss things with her so that I could understand where I went wrong. I requested her again and again to share her thoughts and feelings with me. But things did not change. On day, she told me that she is going to India to visit friends and family. it would also give us some break, and then we could start restoring our marriage again. She would come back in 2-3 months. I even dropped her to airport. Once she reached India, she cut off every communication from me. She is not replying to any my emails or phone calls. Just a week ago, I came to know that her family has filed dowry case against me in police women cell. I had requested her that if she wants divorce then we can do it mutually so that in six months she would be happy. But still she is planning to go for divorce and would file 498A. As I am living abroad, and making visits for such a cruel case would be quite problematic (let alone mental torture and other stuffs). I want to know if a matrimonial case under Section 9, Hindu Marriage Act, will be able to help me either in restoring my marriage or as a safeguard against 498A?