Parents-inlaw separated me from my wife stating she in depression

After 9 days of separation of my wife from me at her parents place, now it seems my wife got brainwashed by her parents & siblings as she states that she got into mental depression by me as I am not same like her in lifestyle, so required treatment for her and demanding me too to get treatment. She claims her doctor who was introduced by her parents & siblings suggested her to be get separated from me for the treatment and even I should go their State(Telanga) to take counseling separately from the same doctor. Finally it seems her parents are not willing to send her daughter now. My wife's siblings were none of them even got married and no jobs expect one sibling till now even though their ages are 39, 34 and 30 as they even have many bank loans to repay. Earlier at my residence place, my wife promised admitted in presence of Police in Police Station and expressed her willingness to return back after her mother health recovery but got shocked that her statements changed now. Even Police suggested me to send her for her mother illness so I sent her. Before going to her parents home, we also applied application to have joint counseling in Police commissioner office Pune with their parents that not to separate us for any reasons and even took the token receipt for the submission of application proof. I am so confused how come their parents brainwashed her, who lived with me 2 years nearly.Even I am ready to go counseling as per her demand but not at her parents place. They always putting demands in-front of me or harassing then if i don't agree they making me to accept them by brainwashing my wife and making her to insist on me. I am even feeling to get Divorce if this is what their intension to separate us or making no peaceful life. I used to live with my wife in Pune so I can bear the expense of counseling here as even their parents can come for their daughter health but not treatment in their home state place Telanga under their known people. They finally saying they don't want Divorce but only separation they want and don't even know for how many days or months or years it takes time and they say it depends. How can she change like this.?So how should I proceed to make them come at my place town and have treatment counseling at my expenses.Evidence I have were her hand written bond document paper with social workers ladies witness as recommended by Police stating that she is willing to return back to live with me and also her sent mobile messages from her parents place stating with love and caring that she like to come soon at me.