About legal advice for next step

My wife lived in his father house since 2.5 years. before one month she and her whole family came at my relative house and did fighting and shouting on me and my family between that my grandmother was beaten by them but we did not do any complain due to my exam which was on next day.But after that we went hospital to cure my grandmother where police constable filed a case paper and advised my mother to complain aganist them but due to my exam and social honour my family did not do that.But same day my wife and her father went to local police station and filed crpc151/107 on me and my parents.Now also i have send legal notice by advocate to ask her come back to live with me.Already his father sent me letter by rgad post with full of alligations and i replied also with politely and request him to send her back to live with me. ----My question is that the alligations are completely false and i also went 5 times to get her back home but she and her family demanded always new thing.Also sent letter by post and also sent legal notice to come back home and live with me.i hv already a child 4 year old which was taken with her before 2.5 year when she left my home without reason. So please nw give me advice for that my parents are aged (60 year old) and my wife and her parents always make alligation on them and me also.my marriage was done before 8 years. please advice next what i have to do to save my parents and can they file a case of 498A? Also my mother was taking care of my grandmother(92 year old) at their house which is near to my wife"s father house -So can we give a application to local police station for their protection. And Nw can we file cross complaint againist them for beating my grandmother before 1 month? So please sir advice me the best way to save my parents first.