Charge Sheet filed after 3 years of lodging FIR

My cousin in 18 feb 2008 was accused in an car accident case. He had a valid driving licence & his alcohol test done by police was negative. Though he himself took the injured to hospital, paid all the bills & surrendered hmself to police, FIR was lodged & he got areested & produced before court. He got bail on the same day on a security bond of 10000/-. The injured got cured & went back home. Now recently when he applied for his passport reissue, he came to know from police station that a Police Summons case is pending against him with charges of ipc 279 & 338. On further investigation, it is known that chargesheet was filed by the police on 16th march 2011 & in last 4 years there were 5 dates. The status of the case is showing NOT HEARD. He is totally taken by surprise as all these years he was never called for any investigation neither any summons were served to him. Now can he pray to court for closure of this case as time barred as more than 3 years had passed in filing the charge sheet from the date of fir.