Rights of a hindu son from first wife

Scenario: If a person "xyz" got married 2 times. His first wife expired long back and having 2 sons. xyz got married second time after the death of his first wife having 3 children. 1 male and 2 female(one is married). xyz is having below property- Property: 1. Joint property in his name and in the name of his first wife's second son (xyz is using and earning money from this property since last 25 years). 25% 2. Having ancestral property in his name(a portion of which he trasffered to his second wife's son). 25% 3. xyz purchased property in his second wife's name. 25% 4. Also xyz was employed and currently pensioner - Rs.18000/- pm 5. Other property acquired in his name- 25% Question: 1. What are the rights of xyz's first wife's 2 sons with respect to property. 2. Can we say xyz's entire property as ancestral property and should be divided equally because he is having joint property and getting profit since last 25 years. 3. What are the rights of xyz's second wife's married girl