Appointment on compassionate ground on daily waged basis instead

Respected Sir, I have given appointment on compassionate ground on daily waged basis clerk in march 2006 by hp Govt however I have submitted my compassionate ground case for approval in March 2005 but my case delayed by the deptt. as the family pension case of mother was submitted by deptt for approval from the govt after 4 months as I have submitted the complete family pension case to tSir, my family pension case delayed by the deptt as family pension case submitted for approval on [deleted] after 8 months and only after then the income certificate and other objection removed by me and in the meantime govt has changed its policy from regular appointment to daily waged appointment on [deleted]. Incidents summarizes as below:- 1. Death of father –[deleted]. 2. Application for employment on [deleted]. 3. Employment case submitted on [deleted]. 4. Objection made by the Chief Engineer Mandi on [deleted] as under:- a. Fresh income certificate including pension. b. Fresh indigent certificate. c. Army certificate of brother. 5. Complete Pension case submitted to Division office during April /2005 but pension case submitted to the Accountant General office by Division office on [deleted] after 5 months and in the meantime regularization policy changed from regular to daily waged on [deleted] and all my efforts gone in vein. 6. Due to this delay possibility for submitting this case was happen on [deleted]. 7. Appointment on daily waged in March /2006. he deptt on March 2005 and deptt submitted it Aug 2005 to the Govt due to this I have not able to make income certificate in time and in the meantime govt change the policy from regular to daily waged on compassionate ground. Now, I am regularized on dated Sept 2013 . I have already made requested the deptt three times on representation on March 2013 and Jan 2014 for givening me regular appointment from March 2006 when I appointed as daily waged clerk but there is no any answer from the Govt. Kindly advise me whether I file CWP against the Deptt. Or Not . I shall be very thankful to you for this.