Complicated situation - expert advice needed

Dear Lawyers/Sirs, I would like to get expert advice with the happening narrated below, and requesting you to help me with this situation Myself Ramesh, was been friends with my schoolmate Janani(2007), a two years(Nov ,2009) after that our friendship became love and we both proposed each other (she proposed first). We were happily spending time with each other over 4 years(Nov 2013). Recently, she called me and said her parents are making arrangements for her marriage, when I asked her I can talk to your parents, she declined. After repeated questioning she told me that she was already married with some guy named Arun (on June 2009), i found true by cross checking in Registrar of marriage's website and in person by Dec 2013. She was been in relatinship with me hiding that she is already married and also had intercourse with me several times and I also had spent lot of money on her without knowing that she is a married women and I truly loved her and wanted to marry her. Later that she told that charcter of Arun is too bad that is why she left him. I was searching for Arun spending my days and nights and also advicing her to lodge a complaint or file a divorce (she was no ears), meanwhile her parents are making arrangements for marriage with other guy named Dinesh. I informed Dinesh about her marriage with arun over email with proofs on goodwill basis. While I was out of country Dinesh and Janani got married in Feb 2014 (she still being Wife of Arun) and stays in Dinesh's house. I came to know that after a lot of research that Janani's family incl her, were using me to get rid her from Arun. She also contacted me after marrying Dinesh that she'll be leaving dinesh in a week and she said she loves me and wanted to live with me. I informed Dinesh again over text messages about all these happenings. Recently a guy named Varun called me(intoducing him as her brother, she dont have any brother), and threatned me to stop all my activites. ( I dont know what the hell) I got aroused later some unknown guy threatened me and decided to deal this legally. Before that I was praying for her that she should have a peaceful life and should prosper. When I came to know that everyone was fooling me around why I should pray for them.? Qust : 1. Can I file a case against her for using me in false aspect. (I have proofs of our relationship like photos, text messages(over a year) , etc, etc) 2. If so on what sections can I file case against her? 3. Is it possible that I may file a case against Dinesh for committing a crime by marrying wife of arun after my information? 4. Is there any charges that may be filed on me for any of my act.? Did I did anything wrong.? Kindly help me to get rid of this. Thanks in advance.