Harassment from housing society

I am the guardian to two street dogs that I keeping my house and look after them as pets. i have been threatened by one of the members of the society saying that he would hurt them by hitting them with the stick, the initial issue was related to poop in the society which was nothing to do with us. at present my name is being tarnished in the whats app group in which I cant reply only the committee members can. i have been regularly following the rules the pick up the poop and throw it in the dustbin as per gardeners guidance. in the same whats app group the fake audio file of the commissioner of police is posted due to which I told continuously to restrict the pets for their walk in the premises. i have tried it once during Janata curfew and later which resulted in bad health of my dogs. they wont eat and hold they excretory process for days which is naturally harmful for them. since my father is the owner of my house they want to speak to them without my presence which I fear will be one sided communication and my father has health issues as well which I as a son have to make sure he is not affected. as I am the guardian of my dogs they refuse to speak to me. if they even checked the cctv camera I am sure that it will show me picking the poop up and throwing in dustbin. i fear the members are ill informed which puts me in very panic situation. among others who own pets and walk their pets at their own time in the society my family is the only one who is been targeted.