Am i liable to pay dues which was liability of builder to pay to Society Office

A member bought flat from builder in 2018 and Builder had never paid maintenance dues to Society Office untill it was unsold period from date of Society Take Handover. New Buyer (Current Flat Owner) had not informed or contacted to Society Office before buying flat. After buying flat, flat owner had informed to society. Now here due amount 22000 INR , society office has recorded as due in name of Flat Owner and same captured in last year audit report too.. I had asked my flat member to do followup and get it done from builder or owner himself should pay.. Because builder always says he has already given discount to flat owner in selling price.. and builder clearly denied when society office committee people had approached builder.. So now again this year audit report will show dues against Flat Owner Name.. So is this correct sir as per law ? And point to be marked sir, if we do not capture Flat Member name then builder will never pay as he does not bother for same. While capturing member flat owner name, at least these member will chase builder and can file case against builder too for not giving them clean accounts having flat before sale. In interest and benefit of Flat Owner Committee had decided not to charge 21%. Regards, Amit Kumar Yadav (Secretary, Sai Water Crest Co Op Housing Society Pune) Email Id - [deleted]