Salary not paid by -company best & crompton apparels ltd

From t vijayan chennai i was working as finance manager in best & crompton apparels ltd(ho)(100% subsidary of best& crompton engg ltd) ambattur chennai from january 2011 to august 2012 the company stopped commercial production(factory at arakkonam) in march 2012 . i was posted in the head office of the company- i was attend ing the accounts,banking auditing income tax hearing and other statutory woks .beside i was attending the accounting function of the group company m.s best & crompton green tech ltd as per the instruction of the ceo of b&c apparels and whhole time director and director of best & crompton engg ltd . they have also promised me alternative employment in best & crompton green tech ltd. accordingly with good faith i have worked for 2 companies. but they have not paid the salary from january 2012 to august 2012. they have transferred me to best & crompron green tech ltd only in sept 2012 with agreement signed by both company directors and i was employee of best & crompton apparels ltd till august 2012. the promoter company best& crompron engg ltd paid all the salary and settlement of of all factory employees and managers with settlement i am now not working any of their group companies what is the remedy for getting my salary and settlement from the company now the best & crompton apparels is not functioning the promoter company or directors not bother to pay my salary and settlement my case is not taking by lobour court police dept nad chiefminesters cell as i am manager cateogary and advise me to file civil suit the company is having more liability to banks than the asset value and they are secured creditors can i file civil case -will my salary due consider as priority payment- after bank dues nothing will be left out is it require i have to pay fees to file civil case they have paid all pf dues when the directors got arrest warent can file case on the directors and promoter and whole time directors please advise me t vijayan