Non receipt of my salary and other dues

I had been worked in a Engineering College in Bhiwani, Haryana for nearly 8.5 years (16.08.2011 to 25.01.2020) at different capacity and relived as Associate Professor and Principal of the college. In the last 1.5 years of my service there, the management of the college always kept my salary pending for 6-8 months. Moreover, the deducted my salary by 10% from June 2019. Due these reasons I resigned from my post on 21st September 2019. As per the terms and conditions I supposed to serve one month of notice period but I was relieved on 25.01.2020 (after more than 4 months of notice). In between I requested the administration to relive me ASAP by personal meeting and also through email request. On the day of relieving (25.01.2020) I have 8 months salary, 87 EL and Gratuity pending with them. Now I have joined an university in Sambalpur Odisha, which is also my home town which is a far off place from previous organization. I had requested them over phone and through email to clear my dues. But as of now, I have received only half month salary. It appears that they are intentionally delaying the payment. Becuase employees still working there are getting there salary and even many of the employees have received increment when I had to observe a decerememt, instead of being a top performer throughout out my association with that organization. In this situation, I seek your expert advice on my legal rights and how to proceed so that I can get all my dues from my previous organization/employer. Thanks and regards Dr A Sharma