Land purchase in jaipur

Hi , I purchased a land in jaipur in 22 lakh 20 thousand in august 2019 . We paid all the money and got the receipts from the person . he is a property dealer and also buys big lands, devides the land into plots and sell them. After paying money he said we will get patta in 2 weeks . but later he told the owner of the land sold land to somebody and is not returning the money also . he returned 10 lakh in october 2019 but remaining amount , he says that he has money crunch and is not able to give. remaining 12 lakh 20 thousand are still with him. He does not refuse to give money but also also makes excuses and tells that he will return it soon . we still have the receipts of the money with his real estate agency with us. Also we made audio and video recording (by spycam pen camera) of the conversations with him so that if needed we can use them as proof. What should i do now , its almost 9 month. I only want to get my money back even if he does not get any punishment . Please suggest what should i do ? Is it also possible to take action against him in the consumer court so that i get my money back without going into legal battle for long time?