Rcr notice

Hi sir/madam, I am Ranjitha, It's been a year since I got married. its a arranged marriage. After getting married I lived with my husband in the house of my husbands father mother house. I lived with my husband for only two months. During these two months, my husband and his mother treated me like a maid, scolding and torturing me with inappropriate words. They also threatened me with dowry. They gave me great stress. This made my health worse and the fever and seizures came on me. So my husband left me in a hospital and told me to take care of my parents. I was admitted 5 days in the hospital. After discharged He asked me to rest for a few days at my birth home. But after that my husband didn't come to call me. He refused to come to me and my parents several times. My husband did not give us the right answer despite many attempts. he also switched off his phone. so my father consulted with the lawyer. Our lawyer talked to my husband's mother and told her to take me. But they did not accept it. We did not sue them in court Instead, they sued me. he has filed a RCR petition against me. I want to live with my husband too. But I don't want to live in my mother-in-law's house. because he listen to my mother-in-law speech and torture me, Can I live alone without my mother-in-law home with my husband? Please advise me what to do. Thank you.