I would like to file PIL

Sub : Need help, Support, and Guidance for 1) To Eradicate Corruption. (2) Violation of Articles 21 and 47 of Constitution of India (3) Violation of FSSAI Act 2006 and 20011 (4) Abused & mis-used official powers – FSSAI officer (5) Mis-leading of ISO:22000 & FSSC:22000 International Organizations I am Senior Citizen and resident of Borivali (W) Mumbai. I am a Senior Citizen. A victimized & Aggrieved Consumer. I hereby request you to help, support, guide & advise me. I have purchased Parle Export quality biscuits, found, Adulterated & Substandard, Inferior and Infected. (manufactured by sub-contractor- Bunty Foods Pvt. Ltd. Ambernath, Thane, having ISO:2005 certification, uses Burnt, Over-baked, Un-baked and broken biscuits for making fresh biscuits, Maida is being used instead Wheat flour as exhibited on wrappers) ( Mostly, this type of Un-healthy and harmful biscuits are consumed by poor and innocent consumers who residing slum areas. Additionally, duplicate/bogus biscuits are sold in the market too! You are working for betterment of people in Asia’s largest slum colony called Dharavi since 1979.) Lodged the complaint to Parle & FDA, Mumbai. No response. (Parle has ISO:2200 & FSSC:22000 certification means guarantee for Quality and Safety of foods) Lodged the complaint to ISO:22000 & FSSC:22000. Organizations. No response. Complaint against Bunty, forwarded to Honorable Lokayukta, Mumbai Honorable Lokayukta, ordered FDA, Mumbai for investigation. FDA, raided FBO, Bunty, found “Serious Deficiencies” reported to cancel manufacturing license. FDA submitted the report to the Joint Director, FSSAI, WR, Mumbai for Further action. Abused & mis-used official powers – FSSAI officer Corrupted Joint Director, asked FDA not to take any further action as FBO, Bunty has full filled the requirement raised by FDA. (FSSAI officer visited premises of FBO, Bunty as per report, NOT manufacturing plant, not inspected, not tested products-biscuits, No proper reports available) Till the date Bunty matter is not resolved. FDA did not resolve my Parle complaint till the date. FSSAI, New Delhi, ordered FDA Mumbai to investigation & action, till the date NO response from FDA. Also, Chief Secretary of Maharashtra has forwarded my complaint to FDA For further action, (Since enforcement of Act, 2006 and Rules and Regulations made thereunder is primarily the responsibility of State, the Commissioner of Food Safety Maharashtra to take action as per provisions of FSS Act, 2006 Rules and Regulations made thereunder. This is prima-facie a violation of section 22 of the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006.) I lodged complaint against Commissioner FDA Mumbai, to the Honorable Lokayukta. Till the date NO response. I would like to file PIL