Defamation on media houses

I took loan from banks which became NPA and bank took posession of my assets . It was 2018 and now the matter is settled by OTS ..There was no FIR or fraud that was detected by the bank nor there were any such issues...It happened due to death of my grandfather and situations of various business circumstances.. I was called as Vijay mallya of my city by few media houses and there were fake news that I am absconding and there is a racket of mine ..later no such proofs were produced before any legal body... In my city lead bank manager gave Statement in one of the newspaper that I have various PAN , AADHAR AND OTHER ID PROOFS and FIR is also getting lodged on me but these allegations were also fake .... Now since the matter is settled can I ask for apology to media houses who published news without my version and towards the lead bank manager who also blamed me wrong...That news though was published two years back has made my reputation suffering and it has lead to issues in marriage of my sister also.... Is there a remedy for my reputation ?