Message: Needed to know i am an indian citizen married to an Australian citizen for the past 14 years . We were living india for the first12 years but now all of a sudden My husband has abandoned and deserted me and my child ( 11 years old also an australian citizen by descent) 2 years ago and has fled to sydney and is settled and working in sydney for the past 2 years . He is neither calling me to stay with him in sydney and nor coming back to india . He dosent share any responsibility of the child and does not keep contact with us . Our marriage took place in india . I have a marriage certificate in english from india . I wanted to know in this scenario can i file for a divorce in Australia? Am i eligible to be granted a divorce in Australia or will i hv to file in india . If i file in australia , will that divorce be valid in india also ? I am very hesitant to file here as my husband may kepp prolonging the dates and postponing the process in india I would also like to know what my legal options are u stand up against the inhuman treatment he has done to us . Earlier to his running away he also had commited adultery and had an affair with his secretary which i had pardoned him for . Now i hear that in sydney he has started living with another female too . His father and sisters are hand in glove with him , and are currently in Australia for tourism .