A POA (MD of construction company) sold a part of the property to his wife at almost 1/3rd of the price charged o others. It was an area on the gr. flr of the building which did not appear in the original building plan as a flat. That area was shown as Club House for the flat owners. All other flats are on the upper floors. The lady in turn in s being paid rent by the Construction Company who is still now using it as office of the company. The POA died a few years back. All flats had been sold prior to his death. It is not known whether there is another POA in place. The owner of the company maintains discreet silence.The matter was questioned in the AGM of the Association of the flat owners when the POA was alive. Evasive replies were given by POA. Another snag was that a good number of flat owners, being expats had even POA to the same POA who was MD of the construction company.. Is there a way to get the Gr. Floor owner, wife of the POA evicted to get the area as part of common property of all owners. What are the steps to be taken to clinch the issue?