Remarriage/living together

I am married by 20 years, have three children, life was almost settled. From the beginning, onwards between us have some irritations regarding attitude and acceptance. she always possesses a rude character to everything. the main problem is with my children. she acts too much cruelty in all sense to children and my parents. in childhood, she lived an isolated condition. At a very younger age, her father left her family only because of her mother's rigid character. she has only one brother that also living abroad for a very long time. I adjusted very much to protect her and love her and care for her. But nowadays it increases the quantity of abuse and starts to attack me with weapons or anything gets. And recently I come to know that she had in a relationship with a man as her colleague. when I asked she left me outside from my own newly built house taking a protection order. see how nicely she avoids me by taking my entire property with children without having any proof of cruelty with the help of an exparty order. And moreover, she didn't sex with me for the last four years. and she said she didn't give me divorce till my death. Can you suggest a piece of valuable advice regarding this issue?