Forced test by police

Does corona virus test is mandatory to all Indian citizen. I belong from village know as Bakreswar under Birbhum district and west Bengal state . Please need your support not to have same situation again. What to do such kind of people and police officer . I have travel history of kolkatta and mumbai past one month . They are ensisting me to do medical test of corona virus I did full body medical but no medical came positive during my travel before .my body temperature check .They did not give me any certificate of it . I am also holding all my physical treatments certificate of maritime doctor of India physical check . I stay in village here officials member from civic police force me , some of the aya saba karmi to do Corona test while I told them I do not had any sysmtom in my body .In future it can happen again what is happened today. During my conversation with police officer we argued each other then he start doing physical assault by slapping in my face several time which heart me on my left eyes and my faces also . I have given my medical for Maritime Job all medical successful passed by doctor of mumbai who is degree holder of mbbs of london Since corona virus affected tourism and travel our company told to be safe not join rite now so I travel back to my village .Still people coming to my house force me to do medical while some of my family member are really old then cant even work. physically assault by police office while I asked them to give me certificate for medical test then I will go it or check my previous certificates they denied it .After told them all medical checked are done .They all people forced me and drag me to our nearby medical centre which is 15km ahead from my village where only had facility for body temperature facility by the laser gun that I successfully passed that did not give any certificate they might again told us I have not done that test then can occur same situation again with me .I am totally sure that I am not affected by covid 19 . But the test centre is more difficult I might infected from there also that's why I denied to go .Why they are doing this kind of complicated situation. Where can I do complain and how I can do it. What can I do as general human and my safety. Please assist me on it . I am feeling insecuring in my house to stay safe where should I go .Does it a treatment of medical test this way of our country . Regards