FEPL company not paying salary, not salary slip and no income tax

I joined this company in may 2014. i was told company is registered at the time of joining but company is not registered. when i asked for my salary slip next month, My boss shailendra Paranami told me company doesn't give salary slip to any employee. Later on i asked for my salary of may month on june 15 they told me its in process ( as per contract 7th of every month salary will be deposited) and they give half salary in cash and half in bank in june end. Same thing happened for next 2 months so tried to quit job, then Boss told me to come in his office then showed video of IAS killing and told me Sharp shooter who killed that IAS officer is his friend. Later on he told me he has so many IAS officers in his board of company. (is IAS officers allowed to be in board of any private company ?) So i continued working in company due to fear. But finally after extreme mental torture by my Boss shailendra paranami, i told i want leave company ( with courage in may 2015 ) boss told me he will make sure that i will be unable to get job in market as he has powerful members in board and some powerful friends. Still i left company. But now he hasn't paid my April month expenses and May month ( till 16 may) salary , when i asked he told me if i try to do anything or ask for salary he will put legal cases against me and told me i will destroy your career as well. This same thing is done with all former employees of Fundamental Eduventure private limited by our boss shailendra Parnami. Next thing is : in contract he told 10% will be deducted from every month salary for paying income tax ( Even though employee salary per year is 3 LPA and monthly salary given after deduction is 22,500 Rupees) . But he hasn't paid any employee's income tax till now. Whenever any employee asked for income tax details, boss told that he will put legal action against each employee who asks for income tax. Shailendra Paranami has mentally tortured so many employees with warning by saying he has friend who is sharp shooter & IAS officers, legal action warning and by not giving their salary and income tax money. Please do help me and other employees as well. I have audio as well by him saying that "" i will put legal action against you and if you call office again i will complain in court as mental harassment against you"" Please help !!