Matrimonial case

I filed a case of Divorce u/s 13(ia) of HMA on the ground of cruelty while wife was living with me. Immediately after that family compromised and i started living with wife. But coulnot continue for more than 8 month. And came out of my own house and pressed for the earlier divorce case. After that wife filed a case of 498A and maintenance case. She further filed written statement and alleged against my charector too. Subsequently she filed Counterclaim i replied and in detail mentioned the cruelty and also asserted in my reply to the counterclaim that by filing 498A case she has committed cruelty and also mentioned that by making false allegation in Ws is also amounts to cruelty. I prayed in that reply to dismiss the counterclaim and grant divorce. Now the judgment: Court gave finding that wife had falsly made allegation in my charecter but did not give divorce. Family court says that i could not prove cruelty. Court considered the 498A case and allegation in WS has not been in plaint so that cannot be considered for the divorce. Now court has allowed the counterclaim saying that husband has to take the wife from 2 month but did not mention from whichplace i have to take her. Her address is not known. I have only her father address. She has refused to disclose her address in her evidence. Detailed argument has been done butfamily court has got money and passed judgment in favour of wife.