Hii, i got married on April 2019, i used to talk to my wife before marriage also, when she said that you look so black, i took it as a joke but now I know she really meant it. 4 days before marriage she blamed my dad for some rituals which were not at all the part my dad's action. She tried to insult my dad by putting such blame and tried to proove as if my dad is unconscious. This is something like a insult but i ignored thinking that all these things happens in a marriage ceremony. 2 days before marriage, something again happened similar to that day, this was the time when my mother was blamed, I got angry and said I don't want to marry u as u disrespect my family and she agreed without any question but my dad said this is a big ceremony, we can not play with someone's life and we got married. Everybody in my house tried to support her and love her. One more important thing they helped us by giving some money as I was newly employed and I didn't had that much of bank ballance so they helped us during marriage. After few days i came to know that she had relation with her sister's husband as I saw vulgur chat in her mobile phone, we had argument, I just wanted to know the reason behind all these but she didn't opened her mouth, I was being mentally tortured by all these things, I was crying and shouting in my home but she never took the initiative to calm me down and answer my quarries. After that I came to that she had some akin desease ( safed dag) which she never told us before marriage, I forgave her for this also as I thought now I have to do for her as I have married her. On rakshabandhan I asked her to return home before 4 pm and alowed her to go even after knowing that there her sister's husband will come. I tried calling her from 3pm as I had sent a vehicle to bring her back but she didn't answered my call for once also. She returned back home at 9:30 pm. I was angry and much obvious I shouted at her irresponsibility. The next morning I went to the office without talking to her, after 2 hour my mom called me and said that my wife isn't in the house, she ran away. My dad got worried, he called her family and asked for her, they said she has not come here. After 2 hours, some unknown men came to my house and started abusing and said they will murder me and my family if their sister doesn't comes home. They also put the blame on us that we have killed her and thrown in the well. But after sometimes we felt as if she is there with her family and after 2 days again her family came and said that they will murder me and they also put a blame of beating my wife. After 3 months I brought her back and kept her nicely but again after 2 months, her brothers came and tried to take her back but we didn't alow, after 2 days she wrote a suicide letter saying she is not a good girl, we were very afraid by this letter so we sent her back. Please suggest us what should I do now because I want divorce