Brother is not willing to give my share in property after my parents death

My father died last year without making a will for the property. Last year me and my brother agreed to divide the property equally between us- the house and the agricultural land. I am working in other state and my brother is living in that house . 6 months back i did some construction. In my share of house as agreed earlier and spend around rs 80000 on it. Now , after one year when i went to make some construction in my share of the house i saw that he has broken all the walls which i made spending 80000 on them and now he is saying that he won't allow me to do construction work or anything for the next 4 years ( in my share of house ) . He is threatening me and is ready for violence. He even tried attacking me two times . What should i do next. He is not listening to anyone and threatening me. I don't want to get involved in any kind of violence and i just need my share from the property - the house and the agricultural land left after my father's death. Please guide me Thank you