Liability to pay towards resigning before the signed Bond Period

Namsate, I have been employed in an NPO as a trainer for the past 9 months. I resigned in the month of February as there was no scope of growth as promised and also there was no credible work that I was doing. Initially, I resigned stating that I wanted to pursue my Ph.D. which I had genuinely applied to and also paid fees towards the same. But I was offered a flexible job role with another NGO and the hike was also good, helping me support myself and also my family. I informed my manager and HR regarding the situation at home and how I would require to support them and I will need a waiver as I will not be able to pay any amount. Nor, I will be eligible to avail of a loan. I have received a mail regarding the F&F to pay a total sum of INR 94,000. The break-up of which is stated as the bond amount of 60,000 notice period recovery of 21789 operational expenses recovery 12819 I asked them to please reconsider, they are threatening me by saying they will send legal notices. I have just begun my career and I cannot imagine being dragged into a legal battle and also repaying the whole amount. Please do guide me on the same and what could be my further steps. Thank you