My father wants to sell property

Hello, I am from kashmir, two years back me and my brother hot married and thereafter family issues began to rise regularly. Me my wife and my son were forced by my parents to live in the same house in one room and a small store and they forced us using help from police. I am living there for a year now and after one year, my brother left house and rented another place for his family(brother his wife and his son). Now my father wants to sell his property which was ancestral and given to my father as a gift deed/property on court papers. Neither me nor my brother wants to sell this property. Now my father and mother harasses my wife and son in my absence when I am in office. I work in a private company with a hand to mouth salary. My father always create one or the other issue and also threatens us of saying he will disassociate us from property and then he will sell it. Please suggest. Is it permissible to evict sons from property in Kashmir. I am not in a position to rent another place for my family. Please suggest and write me on [deleted], I will be waiting to seek a suggestion/answer to my query.