Mutual divorce and child welfare

Hello Sir, I have been married in 2011 (love marriage) everything was going fine. We have a son who is 7.5 years old now. In 2016 she left home along with our without informing anyone and switched off all her phone. I have tried everything but not able to find her, her parents were also lying. It takes around 6 months to find her. She has filled a case of abuse, dowry, mental and physical cruelty. After some intervention by my family she agreed to reside with me but her condition was that i have to leave my family and reside with her, her parents will stay with us and i have to stand her on her feet by establishing business in her name. I have done everything and i stay with them for a period of around 1.5 years after that some incidents were happen as i was doing job in private company based at other location and that company gets insolvent, after that situation gets worse and the condition was that i have left and came back to my parents after that she has again filled a case but has never presented on any dates given by court that case has been dismissed by court. She from last 3 months refrain me from meeting my son, saying when you will give me mutual divorce than only i will allow ro meet him. I need help sir i have tried everything to save my marriage for child welfare but not succeed. We live in same city please suggest that what will be the points i should mention in the welafre of our son and also father rights. I am very much depressed and not able to do anything Please help