"I am staying separately from my in laws with my husband in hyderad, my father in law is a retired railway employ earning pension for their living and are staying in bilaspur, I am having a Girl child of 4 years staying with my mother and father in west bengal. We both do jobs so i thought it is safe to kept my daughter with my Mother. Me and my husband are job holders but not a settled job, Both should have to do job to live a nice life ( not a settled life). You know in private companies job security is not there and in hyderabad cost of living is high, so we both have to do jobs . Now the problem is My in laws want me to resign job and stay in home with them. Look after home, My daughter and for themselves. They are trying their best in this matter. but if i leave job then we could not manage with my husbands salary and cant give a good future to my daughter. we dont have pensions after retirement so we have to save money for our oldage and have to give my daughter good life and save money for her marriage. My In laws are not at all thinking about our future. we are asking them to stay with us so that we can look after them, for that also they are not agreeing. They are blaming me and my husband that we are not looking them and staying with them.They are blaming as if we did a greate sin by doing jobs. Is doing job for a women for her better life is a great sin? Please suggest a good solution for my problem"