Ancestral Property rights

Our father died in 1990 and we where 5 and 3 age. All my fathers insurance and the automobile and Tourist home we had our grandfather have was taken care by my father after his death my Mom was not in a situation to take care of all those so my father's big brother and younger brother came and took the key and said we will take care of everything and they will take care of us. But after a while nothing happened. We where kept blind till 2013 that all properties will be shared after my grandma death we also felt ok after her death we get knowing all my grandfather's property got divided in between them both brothers when we where minor. We approach the court and said we don't know how much property our grandfather have and we need our rights but we didn't get justice from court. How do we approach or bring this upfront of court attention.... They are very rich all the business developed from this grandfather's property Money ......we don't have home to stay last 17 years we are staying in Rented House and if they took our studies experience then also it's fine for us but I stopped my studies at 10th and my younger brother couldn't complete degree we left off because no money. So that we want to know and let the court see they travel in BMW and living luxury life and we live in rent house. Can anyone give me a suggestion that how do I reopen the case and get justice for us. I know I have written bit short but don't know what to say else