Consumer court dispute with HDFC Bank

Respected Sir/Madam, The story dates back to July or June 2014, where in I had received a legal notice on Mail about clearing the dues on my credit card from the lawyers of HDFC bank. Fearing legal issues, I opted for a one time settlement and have paid 30000/- INR in August 2914 as I had 41,000/ odd INR. Now since I had cancelled the card in August 2014, I did not have any reason for retaining the notice and had destroyed the same. Now in June 2015, I have applied for a loan and the nationalized bank require a either the last statement or the legal notice that was served. Since the notice was already destroyed, I tried procuring the statement and have been unsuccessful. I had physically been to two places of HDFC and was treated more like a terrorist and not allowed into the building itself and was asked to correspond via phone. I had placed multiple request with HDFC phone banking and sent emails to the Board of directors and the MD of HDFC India Mr. Aditya Puri. I have only received a generic reply stating that the queries will be addresses and till now there is no response despite requesting them to expedite the request. I also tried contacting the appellate officer Mr. Appala Pranesh Rao on phone and was greeted by his executive, Mr. Hitesh, who promised a valid resolution by the coming Tuesday. He also informed me that he will be sending me an email acknowledging my call, but till date I have not received any emails. Please let me know if I can take this issue with the consumer court. Also see that there are evidences of data fudging, from the phone banking officials.