Malafide transfer order and then stopped salary.

My employer is private pharma MNC,myself is sales promotion employee.Employer was violating the Sales Promotion Employee act1976,so we lodged the complaint before labour commissioner in 2010-11.Company was found guilty and punitive action proceedings are pending before judicial was putting tremendous pressure on me to get these cases withdrawn (through verbal communications ) and on not succumbing to unethical pressure of the management,management start harassing me in open meetings to insult me,to create more pressure and threats to victimisation.further one more complaint was lodged before labour commissioner apprehending victimisation in December 2014.labour commissioner issued the notice to company management and further company acted in revengeful action and issued me transfer order printed with back date ,which was delivered to me in January 2015. Conciliation proceeding on the basis of new complaint are going on and employer is stating there stand no harassment and transfer order is business need,where as I have stated the facts of malice behind my transfer and a tool to victimize me. I am sending my reports of daily work ,communicating through letters,meeting at legal forum . Employer has stopped my salary and not responding to any of my queries. Please guide me what further course of action should I take to prove the transfer malafide and get my salary released. Regards