Fake sex mms case need help

At the year 2014 i was 15 years old, a father of a girl make fake case on me and my father on alligation that i was making a sex tape of her girl while she was having sex with her boyfriend And i published it on the local (actually her boyfriend published it.). At that time so many investigation done and they found nothing guilty about me and dad. After that the case was hang and now 2020march police knocked the door and come to arrest us. After they looked at our apperance they even shocked to see how could this family do this. So they didn't arrest us and advise us to take a bell from court ASAP. What should we do next to totally get rid of this case? in details-i am a medical student and my dad is a Doctor. and the girl was ran away with that Boyfriend and my dad helpped that family to find the girl and get her back to home.after few days her boyfriend leak that video of their sex mms and published to local. and that stupid girl wanted to take revange that why my father helpped her dad to get her back to home . she told her dad that i was there while they were having sex and i published it to the local public.