Mental torture

Sir, I (priya) live in barrackpore since 6 years after my marriage in my in-laws house. I used to love my husband a lot, but whenever he comes home late at night he always stays busy over the phone talking with someone & doesn't Entertain me in his room, I never understood why he used to do that. In these years I gradually learned that he used to talk with his girlfriends. He has uncountable girlfriends, their photos in his mobile, he never entertained me in his life only he did come to sleep with me when that night his girlfriends are not available. I agree that it took a while to understand the true situation. After his mother's death one day I saw two videos where I saw him maintaining physical relationships with those girls, I really never ever had imagined that he could have betrayed me like this. Now as have told him I will complain against him, he blackmails me that he will tell everyone that I had relationship with a man before marriage. Recently he came back from a foreign official trip & told me that he has changed totally & he loves me, but again I caught him talking romantic words with a woman & encouraging her to sleep with him.Now though I have always maintained a healthy relationship with his parents, I have two very small children and I am a homemaker, I am really in a massacre as of what to do where should I go, & what will happen with my children. Please help me out & try to reply me as soon as possible.